Time abroad in the UK

Underground London | morguefile.com
Underground London | morguefile.com

Great Britain is not a strange country for me. I lived there for 2 1/2 years from 2006 till 2008.
It was not London, where I lived. I didn’t want to go London, because it is so expensive and big. And everyone is thinking only about London, if you are talking about Great Britain.
I lived in Northampton and Reading and didn’t know much about these towns before I moved there. The job was the reason for me to move there.  Northampton is not a big city…..I worked in Corby as well and Wellingborough and lived in Kettering. That was not really my lifestyle. If I would move again abroad I would choose first the town and then the job and not the opposite. That’s what I learned there.

And I learned as well to live as a stranger in another country. I have been a foreigner in England as well as the Polish people or the people from India. Mostly Germans have the advantage of having a good reputation in the UK. Germans are hardworking people etc. But on the other hand some English people are thinking only about the Second World War and football if they are meeting a German. I found that really oldfashioned 60 years after the war. So maybe they know nothing about the Germans, only prejudices. It’s the same if Germans are thinking that all the Brits like to get drunk on holidays. Having prejudices is really sad. The best is to talk to the strangers to get to know them and to travel a lot and as well to learn other languages.
I made my own experiences. I didn’t want to go to London, because its so big and so expensive. And in London you meet in the first place other foreigners who want to live for a while in the English capital. I choosed the countryside and met English people. There is a big difference between the world city London and the English countryside. Persons are more open in a big city. In the countryside some human beings will aks you if you are over 30 years old, if you have been married. My experience is that you have a life with more freedom in Germany, if you are a single woman. I had a good time there, but Germany is in the end more liberal. Everything is really expensive in the Uk. The food is not good. But on the other hand I had more fun there. The living souls there have the right sense of humour. Germans are really too serious. Thats true.

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