Berlin, Berlin

Berlin wall | morguefile
Berlin wall | morguefile

Well, Berlin, Berlin. I have lived in this city for eight years and wanted to leave not really. Now I live no longer in this city for over ten years. The work was the reason. I loved this city and felt very comfortable there. Nothing is there stuffy. Everyone can do what he wants, and no one bothers you. That there is so in any other German city. Only with a child I do not want to live there. Because Berlin has a dark, criminal and antisocial side. I would say that many people in Berlin are already cold hearted and selfish. Humanity and compassion are usually not held in a big city. Berlin is a tough place. For the fainthearted, who value courtesy and good manners, it’s certainly not the place of bliss. I have been studying in this city and lived there from 1994 to 2002. It was an interesting time so soon after the fall of the Wall in 1989. Berlin is a city of constant change. Thats what i like. It never gets boring. Everything is possible. The philistine life takes place outside the metropolis. Most Germans who move to Berlin stay, hang in there, because how things appear in Germany too stuffy and petty bourgeois. It’s a city for young people. Now Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte are hip. That was already so 15 years ago. But I didn’t live there, because I am not doing that what everyone else is doing,

just because it’s hip. Berlin has influenced me a lot, and I’m glad I’ve lived there.

I present here are the sights of Berlin in more references before.

Recommended travel books:

CITIX60 – Berlin

Berlin Then and Now (Then & Now Thunder Bay)

Berlin: By Locals – A Berlin Travel Guide Written By A Berliner: The Best Travel Tips About Where to Go and What to See in Berlin, Germany (Berlin, Berlin … Guide, Travel to Berlin) (English Edition)


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