Olympic Park in Munich

Many tourists who come to Munich, also equip the Olympic Park a visit. 1972 the Olympic Games took here place. This park was created with the stadiums. There is a large swimming pool, an ice rink and even the old Olympic stadium, where today open-air concerts are held. From the Olympic Tower you have a great view to the Alps. There is an artificial lake with ducks and opportunities to pedal on the lake.

Olympiapark in München
Olympic Park in Munich

In the Olympic hall and in the Olympic stadium are through the whole year concerts from big rock stars like ACDC or pop from Take That. You can order the tickets online.  Close to the Olympic Park you can reach the BMW World by a bridge. Anything a man’s heart beat higher is here close together. The Allianz Arena it is also not far from there. I personally do not like the Olympic Park. Its too artifially for my taste. The Olympic Tower is in need of renovation. The architecture is overall quite unfashionable. I think the Olympic Park is sterile and lifeless and somehow unfashionable. But that does not deter yourself to form an opinion of this park as a tourist.

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