Guatemala in Central America

Antigua in Guatemala
Antigua in Guatemala

Guatemala in Central America is a poor and corrupt country.This country in Central America can be reached by plane over the capital Guatemala City. I was too afraid to visit the capital of the country, because it’s just too dangerous. I had never been in a country where it is too dangerous to walk alone during the day through the streets. It was a shocking experience. We can’t imagine in Europe how it is to live in a country where you never safe. We have so much security here. In Germany prevails largely justice.
Even by public bus (chickenbus) it is too dangerous to travel to the capital. In my almost five-week period where I bought every day the “Prensa Libre” you could read in the newspaper that almost every day there were reports of a raid on a chickenbus in the capital, often the bus driver was shot dead. A human life has no value in Guatemala. Quarreling one with the other, is of a flat shot. It’s that simple. During my time there, even the son of a teacher by my Spanish language schoolwas shot dead, who had an affair with a married woman. There the law is “stone by stone, tooth for a tooth.”
It’s not a nice feeling, ever have need to fear. In each bank stands sentry with a rifle. Each time you withdraw money you are in fear that you might be observed and then be poorer by a few bills.
It’s no wonder that so many Central Americans want to enter illegally the United States. I would try the same thing, if there would be in such a country like Guatemala no future for me.
Most people there are poor. The government is doing nothing when it comes to education. Police and government are corrupt.

Most tourists travel to Guatemala to Antigua. A lot US Americans like to visit Central America, because its not so far away like Europe.

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