The German mentality

German flag | morguefile
German flag | morguefile

Everyone knows the reputation of the Germans. It has two sides. On the one hand people think we are serious,ambitious, hardworking, always on time, smart, following strict rules. Thats the reputation in the business world. On the other hand people have the opinion that we can’t enjoy ourselves, moaning about everything, that we are really depressed and miserable. And we are deepthinking and worrying too much. Great writers like Goethe and Schiller are from Germany and thinkers like Immanuel Kant and Arthur Schopenhauer. In Germany world-shaking music was created by Bach and Beethoven. So we are not too bad, aren’t we?

We aren’t easygoing like the Americans and not funny like the Brits. But its getting better. I think we can be proud of our good products like the cars. The education is here on a high level and the health system. And we are a pioneer in protecting the environment. The waste separation is a big thing in Germany.
Other nations like our football, Boris Becker and Michael Schuhmacher.

I lived for 2 1/2 years in Great Britain and what I liked there was, that the people are more friendly and warm-hearted. In Germany people can be really rude, selfish and cold-hearted. And if you are parking in the wrong place for example people are telling you off. They want to know everything better and like to be educational.
And men are not the greatest gentlemen. They are not able to flirt or to make compliments. At work they are really serious and think, they are the greatest. Too much self-confidence can appear like arrogance.What I like about Germany is the good health system, the education level and the standard of the products.
Houses are really good built, especially the bathrooms and the kitchens. And there is a huge variety of good food and wholefood products.

I think its good if you can find different nations with different mentalities on this earth. This variety gives a good mixture. And people should respect each other.

Doing Business with Germans. Their Perception, Our Perception


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