Refugees in Europe

A lot of people are coming now to Europe. What do you think about that? Can you understand it or do you think they should stay away? I am talking about the refugees. Refugees escaping from war like in Syria. They are coming by boat over the Mediterrean Sea to Europe. They are having a hard escape behind them. Kids, women and men.

Refugee |
Refugee |

I think that all the European countries should take the refugees to offer them asylum. Especially if they are from countries where you can’t have a safe life anymore like in Syria. Great Britain should help them as well. Not only the countries where the people arrive at first in Europe should have the duty to offer shelter to the people. All the European countries have to take the refugees. And ot only Europe. Australias has a lot of space. And Canada as well. The white inabitants in Australia as well are former refugees and they don’t want to have more displaced persons in their country. Thats not okay. The Aboriginals are the real owner of Australia. Nobody is interested in that.The same with the USA. The native Americans are the real inhabitants of Northern America. All the white people from Europe occupied a long time ago the countries in the world. And now they don’t care about the refugees. Thats not right.

Some refugees only want to come for a short time to escape the war. They are missing their families at home and their home country. And I can understand that for example people from Africa are looking for a better life. What would you do if you would have been born in a really poor country?
Yesm Europe can’t take them all forever. But why can’t we help them in a better way in their home countries instead of using and exploiting them? Are we only interested in making money and business? In the end our assumed business success will change into a disaster what we can’t control. Is it already like that? What do you think?

UNHCR: Refugees in Europe
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