Dreieich close to Frankfurt

Castle in Dreieichenhain
Castle in Dreieichenhain

At the weekend I visited with my kid a friend in Dreieich in the south of Frankfurt. My three year old son liked the ride on the ICE. It was the first time for him that he could consciously experience going by train with the ICE. He liked it.
For me, it was nice to stand once again at the train station and to be able to get on a train. Before I had a child, I was always traveling a lot.
Well, my son and I spent the Friday at about 40 degrees outside the train. In Frankfurt Central we experienced a mega heat. There were certainly felt 50 degrees. So I catched with a sleeping child in a stroller the local train to Dreieich-Buchschlag.

The weekend was very hot. So we spent the Saturday in the outdoor pool of Dreieich.
My son was very enthusiastic from the chute there.

The corn maze in Dreieich
The corn maze in Dreieich

We spent the Sunday in a maze in a cornfield. In the Dreieicher district Götzenhain farmer Frank organizes every year the maize maze in the weeks in which the corn is grown up before the harvest. In the maze, participants must answer 10 questions about Dreieich and agriculture for a small contribution. The biggest challenge is to find these 10 Question signs in the giant corn maze. The signs are all well hidden. We really run the hoes. The signs are very well hidden. Sometime you do not know more where you are. Or you might think: “Hmmm … we were there just not before?”
Definitely a fun adventure … .Ideal for a children’s birthday for older children.
I live with my son in the city and I am always happy spending time with him on the farm and in nature.
Rod pyramid in Dreieichenhain
In the afternoon we visited Dreieichenhain. If I’m honest, the only beautiful spot in this area of ​​whole Dreieich. Sweet half-timbered houses and an old castle from the Middle Ages are attracting tourists. Every summer the Castle Festival takes place here. Jazz, singing and theater sweeten the cultural summer.

The last highlight of our Dreieich-visit was a visit to the bar pyramid. This is a monument at a viewpoint near the antenna system of the German Air Traffic Control. The bar pyramid consists of over 450 glued logs. On a clear day from here you have a great view of the Frankfurt skyline.

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