Escape to Europe

Kriegsleidende Kinder |
Kids suffering from war |

The biggest subject at the moment is the theme of the refugees in Europe. Germany is taking a lot of the Syrians, Sweden as well. Hungary and Serbia are treating the refugees like shit. The European citizens have different opinions about the refugees. My opinion as a German citizen is that I think its a good think that we can offer help to the refugees. All the countries of the European Union should take a special percentage of the refugees. Not only Spain, Italy and Greece. Hungary is in the European Union and its awful how they are treating the refugees.
Nobody is helping the people in Syria. The refugee camps in Turkey have not enough food for the people. The people have to suffer a lot, and the winter is coming.
And nobody is doing something against the ISIS. Is everyone too afraid? The men from the ISIS are crazy. They have nothing to do with the Islam. What will Assad do with Syria? The country is totally destroyed and the Syrians are gone away.
This whole world is crazy. Who need wars? All the wars in the Middle East. The human being is not a good person. Human beings can be evil, and they will forever be like this.We are not good. We are not good to the nature, not good to people from other countries, not good to people with dfferent religions or sexual orientation.
The human beings don’t want to accept that they are not the best invention in this world. Thats it.

But if you have kids… will th world look like in 50 years? I am scared. Will Europe change a lot? Willit stay like this? Will it get worse or better? Thats one of the reasons why I have only one child.I love kids and you can have a happy life with kids. But what kind of future will they have? Can they be happy if they are adults? Maybe the world gets more and more polluted. People are not nice to each other. Rich people are not interested to help poor people.
The dinosaurs are extinct. Maybe the same will happen to the race of the human beings.


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