Oktoberfest 2015 in Munich

Oktoberfest | morguefile.com
Oktoberfest | morguefile.com

On Saturday, the 19th of September the big Octoberfestt will start in Munich. The big beerfestival will go on till the 4th of October. The great start is this Saturday at 12am. Then you can drink the first beer. The opening hours are from Monday till Friday from 10 am until 22.30 pm. At the weekends the Octoberfest will start already at 9 am. Closing time is at 23.30 pm.

The greatest fun you will have in one of the tents. You can dance and sing and flirt a lot with the German people.
Really popular is to wear the Bavarian costume. You can buy it everywhere in the shops in Munich.Men are wearing leather trousers and women the popular dirndl dress. Every woman is looking really good in a dirndl dress.
And the German beer is the best in the world. But what about the prices? Yes, its getting more expensive every year.
This year all tents at the Oktoberfest have raised their prices for a liter of beer over the 10€ mark. And what about the food prices? An half chicken costs as well around 10 euros. The chicken is really delicious at the Oktoberfest, made with herbes. I can recommand it.
Are you keen on buying a real German beer mug? You can put a half or a whole liter in that mug.

If you like the traditional, historical Oktoberfest then visit the “Oide Wiesn” (old Oktoberfest) . You have to pay a small fee to get inside. But the advantage is that you have no visitors there which are only interested in getting drunk. Thats a nice area for families. Here you find a lot of merry-go-rounds from former times. To go with the roundabouts is cheaper at the “Oide Wiesn”.

A lot of tourists are interested in this big beerfestival. I you like to come I hope you have already a place to stay. If not its very difficult to get a hotel room. Or they are really expensive now.
If you have a question don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bavarian Costume for men – Trachten-Anzug

Dirndl for women

Oktoberfest Party Decoration Set


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